Banana Lips!!! : Where I found an inexpensive yellow lipstick

Hey dolls!!! So obvi by the title, this post is about where I found an inexpensive yellow lipstick. As you all may know, colored lipstick has really become a sought after item for a while now in the makeup community. With companies like OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) and Ka’Oir, women around the world are able to sport bold lips with colored lipsticks such as blue, green, yellow, etc. Despite the new rave of colored lipsticks, they have actually been around for years, it’s just that there were not as many women who were bold enough to wear these colors. I thought to myself, where could I find a highly pigmented color lipstick? I decided to go to a local….

costume/dance shop that sells costumes and makeup for theatre and dance recitals. At the front counter I found all of the colored lipsticks for only $3.98!!!!

So I only purchased one just to see if the pigmentation was good enough to purchase some of the other colors. As soon as I purchased the lipstick I went outside and swatched it on my hand as shown in the picture below.

The lipstick is pigmented, but not as pigmented as my lips look in the first picture. I was slightly disappointed because I wanted the lipstick to be as pigmented on my lips as it looks in the tube. To make the lipstick more vibrant I applied a generous amount of yellow eyeshadow on top by NYX called “Yellow Funk.”

The lipstick goes on more as a creamy balm, which is good because alot of times colored lipsticks accentuate dry cracked lips. Even though this lipstick is moisturizing, I worried that it would not have long lasting power.  So applying the eyeshadow on top also helped to ensure that the lipstick would last a lot longer.

I got a lot of questions on this lipstick because I posted a pic of me wearing it last week on Instagram, so I decided to do a post on it. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until next post dolls


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