Healthy Stir “Fry”

          Looking for that oriental flavor
without the extra calories? Here’s alternative to healthy stir “fry” rice which
taste the same, if not better than what you would order out; it’s also so
simple that you won’t need to wait the 45 minutes to start eating.
****Note I don’t
have much time so; I try to find things I can cook/steam in the microwave.

One minute Brown
 Frozen Stir Fry Veggies
2Tbs (40
Calories) Olde Cape Cod Fat free sesame Ginger Marinade
1Tbs (10
Calories) La Choy Stir Fry Teriyaki sauce and Marinade
Less sodium soy sauce (only a pinch due to sodium count)
Shrimp or
chicken or even both!

1.    Prepare your shrimp or chicken,
shrimp is a lot simpler, but with chicken I just cook it in my George Foreman
Grill and slice it into think pieces, prior to mixing it in with the veggies
2.    Spray pan with Pam spray or
3.    Steam stir fry veggies in pan
4.    Microwave or cook your minute brown rice.
I use ½ cup cooked rice. This varies on your weight and size.
5.    Add chicken or shrimp to veggies
6.    Add Teriyaki, soy sauce and sesame
ginger marinade, mix and let cook for a few minutes
7.    Add cooked rice mix, let simmer and
It’s a very
quick and simple recipe and super tasty. Feel free to add more veggies or experiment
with different protein substances. Enjoy ! 

One thought on “Healthy Stir “Fry”

  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us. Indeed, I'm looking for a Stir Fry Sauce that is very healthy because my son's request to eat vegetable for our dinner. I think this is the perfect recipe I'm looking for and I'm sure my son will like this food very much. I hope you will write more recipe in your article!.


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