Busy Body

            This blog is intentionally made for
real people, who have their real life problems and obligations so I want this
all to relate to everyone because I’m a real person.
      I know I’ve mentioned the ideal meal
plan is 5-6 meals per day
, and I’ve gotten many messages, saying that it’s
almost impossible. I’m changing this to at least, 4. Just four!3
of which are actual meals and 1 is a snack. If you are really feeling dedicated
have 2 snacks. What people sometimes fail to understand is that you don’t HAVE
to have a “sit down” snack, with veggies, healthy carbs, and protein, they are just
snacks, a small fruit, or a protein shake will do, just fine. Trust me with school,
work, training and studying I completely understand where you all are coming

Sample of what I eat, day to day: 

    Breakfast: Egg white,
veggie omelet
with 1/2 wheat wrap.

    Snack: a banana/plum/apple/protein shake, with hot tea.

                                       (You can eat a plum on  your way to class, I do it all the time!)

              Lunch: Salad (use dark green veggies for this, high in dietary fiber, prevents
heart diseases and other chronic diseases as well as aids in maintaining, or
achieving ideal weight) or
(you can even buy the ones you heat up in the microwave for 5
minutes) and
Protein (Your choice of the following: Chicken, Talapia, Turkey, salmon.)

               Snack:  Banana/plum/apple/protein shake & hot tea.
               Dinner:  egg white veggie omelet, with tea

As you can
see a few things are repetitive others are just very simple. Don’t use food as
pleasure pleasing item, but as fuel for your body, and if you are living a
hectic non- stop lifestyle, you may need to adapt to just simpler recipes.

Now for the
exercise portion of this, I know many of you work, go to school, study, etc.
and it’s sometimes a pain to actually work out. However all you need is 30
minutes, a light jog, weights if you can, brisk walk, anything to get your body
moving, ideally every day, but if you can’t 3-4 times a week is great!

       Like I said
this is an honest blog; once school started my workouts were reduced
drastically from 2 hours a day to 45 minutes to an hour, and from 6-7 days a
week to 3-4 days a week. However, I
still managed to, not only lose weight, but maintain it. This is when I bring up
diet again:
 By diet I do not mean a trendy only
protein, only veggies, no dairy, only  carrots…(I’m just going off, there are
too many crazy diets out there) What I mean by diet is just what you are
consuming. If you are eating fast food all day, every day, 

that is YOUR diet.
      Diet is
about 80 % of what weight loss is all about. I know, because I reduced my
cardio and workouts and ate healthy foods all week and found results. So, if you
want to see if it works just try it! 
  Also, if you just eat healthy all the time, you
don’t have to do those 6+ hours of cardio a week! (Which I’ve done, and it’s not

Work smarter not harder!

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