Preparation is Key

           So I know many of us have started school and it’s very easy to slip and start living off vending machines and w.e burger they’re giving in the cafesteria, or that with these 3 hour classes it’s impossible to eat anything! I’ll show you how you can have a clean diet while at school! It’ll just take a little preparation…

          Between school, studying, work and training it  honestly is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I mean with all these other tasks how are you going to find time to cook, eat 5-6 times a day and exercise? As complicated as this sounds it is NOT impossible, as a matter of fact, that’s what I do most months of the year, and you can too! You just have to be organized and all this organization helps you with everything else, at least it helped me. I realized I’m one of those people who like schedules and knowing there is a time for everything, even relaxing, so as I organized my fitness schedule, I organized my daily routines as well.

       “Fail to plan, plan to fail” is a proverb I’ve been living by lately. If you want to succeed in a healthy lifestyle some work is involved, and to add more quotes “anything that is truly worth it, doesn’t come easy”. 

Let’s start off with food:

That is all for me, well for the week.

       I like to cook a bunch of chicken usually on a Sunday afternoon when I’m done with all my work. This way I don’t have to worry about lunch all week, just have to put some broccoli steam bags in the microwave and “Voila!” lunch!

        This is a protein pancake, taste a lot better than it looks! All it is, is 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder, about 5 almonds and 2 egg whites. All you have to do is combine all the ingredients and cook it like a pancake; wrap for later or eat it now! But it makes a great snack, while you’re walking to class and especially when you’re in class or at work all day and can’t pull out a whole protein, veggie , brown rice meal combo from your backpack or under your desk 😉 I also don’t think your professors or clients would appreciate you slathering mustard on your chicken as you speak to them lol

       When you get tired of protein pancakes this is a great substitute, low calorie and low carb protein shake and they have awesome flavors my faves strawberry! Chocolate and Vanilla are really good too! As you can see , they’re very portable 😉

Now into exercise schedules:
       This is something that you may actually have to motivate yourself to do,  I even have trouble getting myself to the gym but…”half the battle is showing up” Once I actually start my work out I am so glad I went. With our hectic schedules, you need time to relax, breath, think/or not think, be by yourself, the gym is a great way to relieve all that stress. * And too much stress is bad for your body.

       So instead of sitting in your car listening to music fit in a 30 minute cardio session. Or if you have a later class, wake up a little earlier and get your workout in. If you’re lucky enough to have a gym that’s open after work or class; go after class! Or a light jog somewhere. Hey! If you have a 20 minute break during a 4 hr class don’t sit at your desk texting, but get up and go around the building, that’s what I do! The point is to do something. I fit in my workouts around 9 or 10pm right after class and work. It can be difficult to get motivated to go, but once you do, you’ll feel better.

       Your work and school schedules are most likely set in stone, well until the end of the semester or you change jobs, but let’s say those aren’t the cases; you need to PLAN your exercise and meal preparation around those time blocks. This is what YOU wanted; “anything that is truly worth it, isn’t easy” With a little bit of organization, a lot of tubberware or Ziploc bags and the dedication to get yourself to do a 30 minute workout, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle while have a busy schedule. For the college students this is the way to avoid gaining the freshmen 15, or lose the freshmen 15. If I can do it, you can too!

            Til’ next time! P.Fung

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