Myth Burners!

I know there are many questions that come to mind when it comes to fitness. There are also a lot of different answers and with so many internet sources you may be hesitant to believe anyone. So I decided to go back to the books. Here are a few “myths” and the more logical answers to explaining each of them. 

“Cardio is all the exercise you need to control your weight”
By limiting yourself to cardio your body may begin to burn muscle mass. It’s important to preserve lean body mass, keep in mind that the lower your lean body mass us the lower your resting metabolic rate ( the amount of calories you burn at rest) Therefore it is best to create a workout routine that consist of both cardio and weight training.
“A Big One! You can spot reduce and burn fat in a specific area of your body”
“the phenomenon of “spot reduction” has absolutely no factual basis” Fitness: The Complete Guide ISSA by Frederick C. Hatfield, PhD edition 8.6.6               

When you exercise you use energy (fat) from all areas of the body. For example: doing crunches will not burn fat more rapidly than your buttocks and thighs, of course it will tighten the muscle underneath but will not make the fat disappear.

“Muscles turn into fat when you stop exercising”
Muscles cannot turn into fat. They are two different tissues in the body and it’s physically impossible. However, you can lose muscle if you don’t use them causing atrophy.
“Eating Dairy Causes Cellulite”
First I’d like to say that this is a question I get from a lot of women, and I’d like to tell you that this may not be an “overweight issue. Fact:  Women have a high fat promoting enzyme called lipoprotein lipase and it just so happens to be more prominent in the hip and thigh areas. Your body stores this fat to prepare for pregnancy and lactation.
The appearance of the cellulite though may be caused  from being overweight is mostly due to deposit of fats and fibrous tissue, that form a “pocket” that fill with fat deposits that bulge and produce the bumpy affect.
*deep tissue massages every night can temporarily reduce the appearance                                  

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