Your New Training Buddy!

           When “in-season” or training to reach a fitness goal we make it a priority to go to the gym and get our workouts done, but what happens when that takes up time with your significant other? I’ve found a fun alternative that will benefit both you and your partner! Start training together!
            Today I worked out with my guy friend for the first time, I was a bit skeptical because he power lifts, and I didn’t think that we were going to have much in common when it came down to our workout routines… horrible misconception. I actually incorporated some of his routines into my workout. (Switching up your exercise routines confuses the body allowing muscle growth) What was great about this was that he was capable of not only motivating and helping me; but we found something we both enjoy and can do together! Which is great,  in between two busy lifestyles;we don’t have much time to hang out.

            When you have someone alongside you providing constant support and an understanding of your goals, they become easier.
            I know that a big part of being with someone is going out to restaurants, movies etc. and in most places you can unknowingly consume up to 2000 calories!! Working out, going out for a walk or joining each other for some cardio on a treadmill could be a new hobby that will allow you to burn those calories, instead of consuming them. This way your significant other won’t feel alienated when you have to get your workout in prior to an upcoming competition or event. Not only that, but it may bring you closer together, it’s one more thing you can share and support each other in.
Cook healthy meals together! Soon enough it becomes a lifestyle and that is exactly what “fitness” and “dieting” needs to be; not something that you do for a few months and start up again when you feel you’ve reached a downfall. Try new things!
For the individual not pursuing the healthy lifestyle, try to experiment and maybe go  to the gym with your partner or try a “healthy” dish, you never know, you may like it and be hooked ! For the individual pursuing a new fit lifestyle, you may inspire your partner to try new foods and eliminate the tempting but unhealthy Swedish fish, Chocolate bars and other snacks you have at home, making it a lot simpler to stick to healthy eating and allowing you to reach that overall figure you desire.
             It may be easy to exclude your significant other in your new eating habits and exercise routines, because you think they may not be interested, but communicate, and you may find they are more interested than you think! Who said training had to be a one person thing? You may be looking at a permanent training buddy and possibly a new way to spice up your love life!

One thought on “Your New Training Buddy!

  1. Also hey let's tell the truth. For us guys when we work out with our significant others it is almost in our blood to "show off" a little bit no matter how comical or unnecessary. But in the long run that mentality further pushes the body, thus opening the doors to greater strength and fitness. It may sound like something out of elementary school but it is a really great experience to have with your significant other. I agree that working out with your significant other does both strengthen the relationship and really show how supportive one can be. Also with what you say I am pretty dam sure it is helping my relationship.


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